Winter Storage & Works

Thanks to its beautiful structure: Hangar, Yards and fresh water Marine, Seven Stars Marina & Shipyard is an ideal location for housing yachts during the winter season. Our belief is that a qualified and planned maintenance during winter months is the basis for a safe and relaxed summer season, beyond allowing consistent savings and preserving the value of the yacht. We offer a Check-Up service of the yacht on arrival of systems and engines (with formal expert appraisal). This is free of charge for yachts winterimg at our facilities. We can also perform a complete Check Up including the conditions of the steel / fiberglass hull and superstructures with ultrasonic gauging and/or thermal camera analysis by a class approved operator. This service allows us to know your vessel in depth, to choose the best professionals for the various works (carpenters, mechanics, electricians and finishers), to provide you with a unique assistance service (even overseas)and to plan with you the precise work plan and budget. We do all this at reasonable cost because our goal is to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with our clients. Call us for an estimate, you will be pleasantly surprised